Wearable Art by Foxberry Designs



Hi! I’m Tracey Sandoval. I live in MN with my übergeek husband and our two mini-Sandovals. By day I facilitate groups for people who live with chronic pain, focusing on the mind/body connection, and at night I sneak down to my home studio to create… after story time, of course.

The spark to create and be inspired by art was instilled in me by the women in my family. I grew up in the art department of the University of North Dakota while my mother obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts and then her Master of Fine Arts degrees with an emphasis in jewelry-making. Around age 10, my mom was working on a grant project and recruited me to demonstrate children’s abilities to do fine detail work, specifically with a granulation technique used in ancient times. I can still picture myself sitting at the jeweler’s bench with a tiny tweezers, placing tiny balls of gold wherever I pleased on the little landscapes of metal my mom had created. In the background her fellow graduate students toiled away on their own labors of love and together we all focused intently, accompanied by Chicago on a tape player.

Experiences like this have taught me to look creatively at any project, problem, or challenge. My creativity has been stretched as I experiment with blending clay, acrylic, ink, paper, and resin. There are a million possibilities with these mediums and I am thoroughly enjoying the process. I’ve chosen black and white for this series as a nod to my grandmother, Jean Kennelly. My grandma’s house, wardrobe, and coffee were all as black as black can be, and her jewelry was silver from the bun barrette in her hair to the rings she wore on almost every finger. The silver chains and bails on these pieces are a nod to her jewelry and the black is a nod to her elegant and eccentric style.

I am a graduate of the University of North Dakota, where I took coursework in ceramics, drawing, and art history. More recently I’ve taken classes at Northern Clay Center, the Eagan Art House, and the Savage Arts and Cultural Center. I received my master in Counseling Studies in 2008.